2013 Fulbright Symposium

 A focus on soft and smart power

How an educational and cultural exchange program impacts on society over generations was explored in the 2013 Fulbright Symposium.

Entitled Soft Power, Smart Power: the Multiplier Effect of Educational and Cultural Exchange, the event was held in Canberra in August 2013 to coincide with celebrations for the Centenary of Canberra.

The Fulbright Commission hosted the 2013 Fulbright Symposium in partnership with key stakeholders. For Senator Fulbright, it was obvious that there was an essential link between education, the exchange of ideas, and the creation of a world community through brain circulation harnessing the smart power, goodwill and strengths of us all. The Fulbright Program’s legacy, credibility and legitimacy are an important source of soft power and smart power. As intangible assets our Fulbright landscape  is embodied by dynamic personalities, innovative research, and an openness to share and learn about each other’s culture, political values, institutions, and policies.

Mr Tom Healy, Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) Chair, was amongst key speakers at the event.

The aims of the Symposium were to showcase the impact of soft power through the Fulbright program across the themes of leadership and diplomacy, culture, educational partnerships, public policy, arts and culture, science and innovation.

It also demonstrated how excellence and innovation have led to partnerships, collaborations and linkages that are beyond the individual. Thirdly, it shared best practice which benefits the individual, industry and practice.

The Symposium was held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra on 21- 22 August, with a gala dinner held at the Gandel Hall, National Gallery of Australia on August 22.