Dr Sarah Dalton

Dr Sarah Dalton

2013 Fulbright Professional Business/Industry (Coral Sea) Scholar

“Healthcare organisations around the world depend on the development of clinicians as leaders to ensure the delivery and improvement of quality care. Leadership development is a top priority for high performance healthcare organisations, with many well established programs in the United States.”

Dr Sarah Dalton, a Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, has won this year’s Fulbright Professional Business/Industry (Coral Sea) Scholarship to go to the Anne Arundel Medical Centre. She will investigate the delivery of Clinical Leadership Development Programs in the U.S. and look for ways to apply this knowledge to the Australian Healthcare environment.

“I think that building leadership capacity is critical to improving patient outcomes and is an essential precursor to health system reform. Key lessons in leadership transcend cultures and industry, making international collaboration imperative to this field,” Sarah said.

“Australia has well established models of leadership education and hospitals are increasingly looking to translate this knowledge into in-house programs to consolidate these lessons in the workplace.”

“Elements of the U.S. healthcare system have delivered such programs for many years, making it an important resource for lessons in the delivery of clinical leadership development programs. My Fulbright Scholarship will provide me with the ideal medium to investigate these opportunities and foster national and international collaboration in this field.  I believe it is essential to identify and develop the upcoming leaders in our healthcare community, as it is their ability and their future which will see our system survive and flourish.”

Sarah has a BMed and a Master of Applied Management in Health from the University of Newcastle, a DCH from Sydney Children’s Hospital and a Paediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She has won a Merit Award for Academic Excellence from the University of Newcastle; a NSW Government Scholarship for Rural Medicine and has been a Rotary International Youth Ambassador in New Zealand. In her spare time Sarah enjoys biking, hiking and running as a way to explore the great outdoors.