Welcome to Application Information for Australian Citizens


Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our Australian Fulbright Scholarships

Please take the time to review all the criteria on the right hand side for information which will give you an overview of such things as eligibility, selection criteria, terms and conditions, a timeline and most importantly links to the application form and guidelines to enable you to fill in the application.

Please note that while the application forms are generic (they go across over 160 countries), the guidelines provided are specific to Australia so please follow them very carefully. For example, there is a mention that you need to inform the Australian Fulbright Commission of your intent to submit an application. This is NOT a requirement for Australian citizens, so you do not need to do this. This is made clear in our guidelines.

Before contacting the Australian Fulbright Commission it is very important that you carefully read the FAQs. These will often answer most questions. Once you have done that, and if you still have a question then we will be most happy to respond to you. Email is the best way to contact us, although of course we are happy to take calls as well.

Take the time to gain a good understanding of what the Fulbright Program is about, spend some time having a look around our website at present and past scholarship holders, and read all directions and information carefully as this will help you complete a strong application. Our Fulbright Fact sheet is a good place to get a quick overview.

2 year home residency requirement for Australians

Fulbright Australian Scholars must travel on a J-1 visa sponsored by the Fulbright Program. Scholars and their dependents are subject to Code of Federal Regulations rule 212(e), the two-year, home country residence requirement associated with the J visa. This is intended to ensure that Scholars fulfil the exchange nature of the program. During the two-year, home country residence requirement, Scholars and their dependents are ineligible to apply for status in the United States as:

•              Permanent residents,

•              Temporary workers or trainees (visa status H),

•              Fiancé(e)s (visa status K), or

•              Intracompany transferees (visa status L).

Scholars must return to Australia for two years before being eligible to apply for a permanent residence in the United States. The two year commences from the date of their return to Australia.