Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship in Cultural Competence

*New Postdoctoral Scholarship Opportunity*

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship in Cultural Competence sponsored by the National Centre for Cultural Competence (NCCC) at the University of Sydney, Sydney NSW.

The Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship in Cultural Competence will give the successful applicant  up to 10 months of research in the US, plus a 2 month residency at the NCCC at Sydney University on their return and is open to all Australians with an interest in the field of Cultural Competence.

The NCCC is the first knowledge centre in Australia specifically established within the University of Sydney to foster scholarship and research in and translation of cultural competence, an area of increasing academic interest. Cultural competence is having a set of congruent behaviours, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals and enable that system, agency or those professions to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. It is more than awareness of cultural differences, as it focuses on the capacity of a system to improve equity and access for all groups by valuing diversity and by integrating culture underpinned with cultural knowledge and understanding into the delivery of services.

Applicants should present a proposal that will focus on cultural competence. They should describe either a substantial piece of research, which they plan to carry out in the United States, and/or the program of lectures that they are to give as part of a credit-earning graduate or undergraduate course at a U.S. university or an equivalent institution. Tours of inspection or observation, methods or surveys are NOT acceptable for the purposes of this scholarship.

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar in Cultural Competence Scholarship is valued at approximately AUD58,000 and benefits in 2015 include:

  • Stipend: AUD$3250 per month for a maximum period of 10 months
  • International travel: AUD$4,000
  • Dependents Allowance: AUD$3,000
  • Establishment Allowance: AUD$3,000
  • On successful completion of the Fulbright program in the U.S., additional support would be provided to the Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar through an Adjunct appointment for a minimum period of two months at the NCCC. This will allow the Scholar to write up their work, translate and communicate the key scholarly out-comes for the NCCC with the aim to build the capacity of the NCCC across Australia and with the Scholar’s host institution while translating their new knowledge and re-search outcomes through presentations and writing of papers. The Scholar will receive a stipend in the amount of AUD$6,250 each month by the NCCC through the Fulbright Commission.

Beyond the funds related to the Fulbright Scholarship, the program also provides

  • Health and Accident Insurance (ASPE) to maximum of USD$100,000 (Scholar only)
  • Transport and accommodation to attend a two-day Orientation Program and Presentation Dinner for Fulbright Scholars to be held in February/March annually
  • Transport and accommodation to an Enrichment Seminar with international Fulbright Scholars in the U.S
  • Additional networking opportunities with Australian, U.S. and international Fulbright Scholars and alumni
  • Support through the Fulbright Commission and the Council for International Ex-change of Scholars, U.S. to assist with administration, visas and general enquiries.


  • Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholars must spend between 3 and 10 months in the U.S.
  • Fulbright funding is for up to 10 months and is stipend based. The stipend will be paid for the number of weeks completed and will be reduced for shorter programs.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient additional funds to support themselves and any dependents during their stay in the U.S.

For further information on this scholarship please contact:

Dr Tangerine Holt, Executive Director Fulbright Commission, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr Ruth Lee Martin, Senior Manager Scholarships, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ms Jordi Austin, Director, Student Support Services, University of Sydney, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.